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New HDC connector series from BIX for high density, high speed and IP68 rated.

HDC connector series

BIX North America has now released the BIX HDC connector system. In addition, BIX has rapid cable development that can deliver qualification level samples within 3 weeks. Our competitors will take 16 weeks. Or longer.

BIX has now developed a unique locking ring feature that will take this breakaway connector and allow you to lock the cable to your device with our threaded locking ring. Backwards compatible to mate with existing receptacles.

The industry is full of small connectors for soldier wearables but none that can be delivered in less than half of the time of competition and with prices that are much more competitive. BIX is now available in North America!

We have stateside engineering support that can create your cable drawing and save you time and money with this capability from BIX.

We are new to the North America marketplace but our team has over 100 years of connector expertise that was brought together to do it better and faster.

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