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BIX is one of the world's leading connector manufacturers with innovative products and services that work together with our customers. we continue to lead technology in industries that define and improve our core foundation of electrical connectors.


Integrity, Accountability, Communication and Leadership are the founding principles of BIX.  At BIX, our four principles brings our team and our customers together.  We inspire and produce products that are life saving in the medical industry, cutting edge discoveries in E-Mobility and clean energy, protective and lightweight for law enforcement, and for military and security of people and countries.

We view the world through multiple industries.  BIX believes in the ability of moving forward with thought and might, by breaking down barriers and discovering new materials and properties to ensure that our environment will be there for generations.


Welcome to BIX: where investment in people and unique ideas make our customers, and those around us Successful.


Where people rely on us. 


 Doing more than what we are called to do. 


To receive and send more than just words.


Be true to the cause without disqualification.

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